A Brief History

Anna's Fund was conceived in 2007 when two now trustees - Bill Albertoni and Jim Elliott - met and discussed ways of helping the poor and disadvantages in third world countries.

Bill like Jim had experience of working in developing countries and had been helping to support an orphanage in India for some years but both men realise a more formal setting was necessary to make commitments for the future.

The decision was made to formally set up a charity in the UK to raise both funds and awareness. Bill's wife Anna had made him promised before she died to continue his charitable work and it seemed natural that the charity should be named Anna's Fund in her memory. Bill particularly had grown to respect the work done at an orphanage in Ooty in India which he had visited many times whilst working in the country, and indeed had kept up the association after his retirement.

In February 2008 the UK's charity Commissioners granted charitable status to the Fund.

From such a small start and with no administration costs Annas Fund now helps over 800 children and adults.


Annas Fund

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