St Xaviers HIV Clinic Namakkal

home, education and treatment for HIV positive girls

The incidence of HIV in Tamil Nadu is extremely high. These children have contracted HIV through their mothers, many of whom live in extreme poverty.

Annas Fund has supported a clinic for young girls who are HIV positive for some years, providing medicines, support and assisted with schooling.

We have had a very high percentage of examination success. These include IT, Pharmacy etc.

In 2018 all 4 children taking the appropriate examinations passed well with 100% pass rate.

Additionally we support an outreach program which benefits around 150 adults and children a month in the surrounding areas.

This scheme is classed by the World Health Organisation as vital.

We are fortunate to have highly trained medical staff and the children are assured of the highest quality of care and all medication necessary.

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Lockdown News - December 2020

The restrictions imposed to combat the Coronavirus-19 has meant the outreach program has been halted. It will of course restart as soon as it is possible.

The government of the Tamil-Nadu area has requested the clinic to take more children that need care and protection.

These include children who have been sexually abused, abandoned, teen age pregnancies, run away from families and so on. The lock down has meant many of the children are unable to go to the school and lot of child related issues are occurring in every district of the state.

The District Collector has requested the NGOs (non-governmental organisations) to take care of these children.

Most of the NGOs were not willing because of the risks involved in this work. Only St.Xavier's are willing to take in these girls. Anna's Fund has made appropriate help and will continue to assist.

This has mean that almost 120 children have been given to St Xavier's temporary custody in the past six months.

St Xavier's are continuing this work with extra staff being appointed and compound walls are being repaired to ensure safety.

Drinking water is another issue, so another bore well has to be installed as early as possible.

To help with the new children another unit called St.Xavier's Reception Unit will shortly be recognised by the Government.

St Xavier's is doing a lot of work to ensure the welfare of the girls who have been victims. All these children are counseled and reoriented so they can return to the schools and colleges when the situation improves.


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